This years Sweet Pea poster is cementing a local artists name in an iconic local festival

BOZEMAN- The Sweet Pea Poster is an iconic part of Bozeman’s history, and this year a new poster is being hung on the wall and a new artists name has been added to the list of people who have made them.

Madi Lapp has seen the posters up her entire life around the city of Bozeman.

You can find them everywhere, in offices at homes and even at a few vintage shops for sale.

Lapp’s new poster will take its place in Sweet Pea history, the posters are coveted reminders of festivals past.

“It’s kind of wild, I don’t really believe that I won [the poster competition] seeing it on Main Street is really crazy for me," Lapp said "the fact that my art is going to be part of Bozeman for a very long time is very exciting for me.”

She says the inspiration behind the poster actually came from a comic book.

For Lapp, this poster was more than an opportunity to show off her artwork but a chance to make her mom and dad proud.

“My dad calls me every time he sees it, which is a lot," Lapp said. "Those little flyers in the newspaper, he keeps taking them because he’s excited about it and he gives it to all his friend.” 

Madi attended Montana State University and is now working to get into art school. 

Tickets just went on sale at area retailers for the Sweet Pea Festival, you can get ticket information here.

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