Two young men are facing criminal charges after being caught on camera leaning directly over the Old Faithful geyser to take photos.

Going off the boardwalk in Yellowstone National Park's thermal areas is illegal and puts the violator at risk of severe burns and death.

Kimberly Guilliams captured photos of the incident. She says she saw the young men on Tuesday, Sept. 10, around 9 AM.

Guilliams, who is from southern Idaho, says Yellowstone employees spoke with the men, and she gave a statement to a park ranger about the incident.

Park officials confirm that the two men are facing charges and have been summoned to appear in federal court. They were not identified.

Some visitors have been burned and even died in the park's extremely hot thermal water features. A Colorado man was recently banned from the park for five years for violating the safety rules around geysers.

From Yellowstone Park:

Thermal area safety is an extremely important part of any trip to Yellowstone. We ask visitors to take the Yellowstone Pledge before coming to the park and to read the park Visitor Guide for more information on safety, rules and regulations. Detailed information can also be found on the Yellowstone National Park app which will operate without cell service as long as it is downloaded before entering the park.

Photos courtesy Kimberly Guilliams.

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