BUTTE, Mont. - It's days like Saturday when the entire Butte community comes together to support the annual Thompson Family Food Drive and the annual Clothing Drive at the Maroon Activity Center that we remember what the season of giving is all about.

The Thompson Family Food Drive has been a Mining City staple every year since 1989, but this year, in particular, is a special one, it's the first without founder Margie Thompson, who passed in August.

Her son Scott hopes the canvassing and collection efforts from the drive's participants, who visited every single household in Butte today in just over an hour, can eclipse 80,000 pounds of food and $65,000 in donations in Margie's memory.

"Every October, mom would call me, and she'd say, 'Hey, have you opened up the food drive box yet? I think it's probably time,'" Scott Thompson said. "And from that point forward, we had daily conversations regarding how we were doing on the food drive, if I needed help with anything if she needed to call some volunteers, things like that. That went on every year."

The Thompson Family Food drive held collection locations at the Butte Plaza Mall, Three Bears Alaska, and Safeway. With contributions from the Butte Food Bank, alongside the concurrent Clothing Drive, their sponsors, and even the help of some Montana Tech football players to load the trucks, the food drive is a true community event every year and one that Thompson wants to continue to grow for years to come.

And remember: You can always lend a hand. You don't need a specific day to donate food or clothing to the less fortunate. All you need is a big heart.


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