Lewis and Clark trail

GREAT FALLS- How would you like a National Heritage Area in your backyard?

Cascade County Commissioners want to know what you think of the idea at their meeting September 12 at 6p.m.

A National Heritage Area represents a piece of history with a major influence on America; and right now, supporters say the Lewis and Clark expedition definitely influenced our history.

The proposed heritage area would include the Lewis and Clark trail in Great Falls. 

It would extend to all of Cascade County, parts of Choteau County and up the Missouri River all the way to Loma.

That's where the explorers made one very important decision.

“The Lewis and Clark expedition had to make their decision of which river to follow, and they could have made an incorrect decision and gone up the Marias, but they did not. They made the correct decision and came up the Missouri Proper,” explains Jane Weber, a Cascade County Commissioner.  

Supporters say there are some real benefits to having a National Heritage Area.

They'll explain all of that and more at the meeting.

The meeting will be held at the Belt Theater in downtown Belt on Castner Street, and if you can't make it, make sure to tune in tonight because we'll be bringing you there live for updates on the discussion.  

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