Charlie Health opened its doors in January of 2020 looking to help Montana’s alarming suicide rate.

Montana ranks in the top 10 for suicides on many charts -- the state saw 20.5 per every 100,000 people.

Laura Sebulsky from Charlie Health says they tell the kids they work with its important to keep a regular schedule.

Keeping a regular schedule is very helpful for depression and anxiety along with keeping physical activity and working out.

According to Charlie Health, nearly one in three adolescent Montanans report feeling sad or hopeless enough that they stop their usual activities.

Sebulsky says some of the best things for positive mental health involves putting the screens down and getting outside and start reconnecting with yourself.

21-percent of high school students in Montana reported suicidal thoughts, attempts, and related injuries in 2017.

Sebulsky went onto say that some things to watch for

- isolation or greater isolation, unexplained mood swings, and, loss in appetite.

Charlie Health offers different types of online mental health therapies to deal with those struggling during COVID-19 as well.

You can learn more about Charlie Health here.

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