Women learning self-defense tactics to face MMIW issue

GREAT FALLS - Organizations are stepping up, and speaking out about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women issue across Montana.

Sex trafficking is an increasing problem across the Treasure State, and Eaglechild Consulting and Enforcement Services are stepping up Tuesday to make sure no more Indigenous women feel threatened because of this. They’re putting on a combative conference on the Fort Belknap Agency.

It’s to give women the resources they need to combat victimization, whether it’s domestic violence or sex trafficking.

Starting at 9 a.m. at the Smokehouse Grill and Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop, they’ll be learning self-defense mechanisms like how to use pepper spray and firearms. Colleges and Native Tribes across Montana have been hosting Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women seminars, but what makes this seminar different from others is it’s all hands on.

"There's really no consequence if you find an Indian woman go missing. Nobody looks for her. If she is brutalized or murdered outside, law enforcement agencies don't give it the due diligence they would to a non-native woman,” said Billy RunningFisher, with Eaglechild Consulting and Enforcement Services.

Eaglechild Consulting says due to the rise in illegal drugs, mainly meth, more and more women are being domestically battered and brought into human trafficking, which is why they’re taking a stand and having zero tolerance for any of it.

You can also expect local and federal speakers from Montana at the event.

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