Whooping cough has now hit Lewis and Clark County

HELENA - According to Lewis and Clark Public Health, there have been seven confirmed cases of whooping cough in Lewis and Clark County in the last month and half. There isn’t a cause for panic, there is a cause for concern.  


Lewis and Clark Public Health says they normally see a couple of cases of whooping cough this time of year and are expecting to see a few more before the school year comes to an end, because it can be hard to identify.  


“They start having cough illness, they feel good, the mom doesn’t take them into the doctor and later when the cough gets worse, they find out they have whooping cough. It kind of gets disguised and hidden and then it comes out as whooping cough and that’s when it kind of hits in the schools,” said Shelly Maag, a Public Health Nurse at Lewis and Clark Public Health. 


Maag says if you have a cough that lasts for two weeks or more you should get tested right away. According to Maag, most kids are vaccinated for the disease up until the seventh grade, but adults should check and see if they have had a recent tetanus shot, because it does have the whooping cough part which does help build immunity against the disease. And if you aren’t sure if you have been vaccinated or not you should check and see or go and get one.  


Currently, Lewis and Clark Public Health is reaching and contacting people who may have come in contact with anyone who is sick to get a more accurate number of who has the disease.

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