What dentists say to watch out for in the fight against cavities this Halloween

BOZEMAN- Everyone has a favorite piece of candy whether that be a Peanut Butter Cup, a KitKat or a Snickers Bar.

We spoke with a dentist in the Bozeman area who says that a favorite piece of candy this Halloween may be just fine.

Dr. Christopher Hal from Hays Dental in Bozeman says it is ok in moderation, he says it isn’t bad for your teeth if you don’t eat the whole bag.  

Hal went on to say if you have real concerns about yours or your kid's teeth this Halloween one thing to steer clear from is those sticky candies.

Anything that can grip onto the teeth and hold like caramel or nougat can help in making cavities. Those can be things to watch out for if you are worried.

But the time your kids eat the candy can also be a factor. 

“The biggest thing probably is if the kids are eating their candy at night or they’re sneaking after bedtime,” Hal said, “they are waking up [and] that’s [when] it sits overnight and for long periods of time [thats] where that can create more problems for the teeth.” 

On the candy front also keep in mind some children have food sensitivities or allergies. So parents at home can look for a blue pumpkin that means the house is handing out items like glow sticks instead of candy so everyone can take part in the Halloween fun. 

If you feel like your kids have just a little too much candy on their hands you can donate candy to our troops overseas or the Ronald McDonald House. 

 You can make those donations here to Treats for TroopsOperation GratitudeOperation Trick or Treating for the Troops, or Ronald McDonald House Charities

Some large metropolitan areas police are warning of possible THC candy hitting the streets. Law-enforcement in the Bozeman area says to always be on alert but they don’t see this to be a problem for our area.

The Johnstown Police Department in Pennsylvania posted photos to their Facebook page of colorful candies infused with THC that they found during a search.

Ryan Stratmangallatin Captain with the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and commander of the Missouri River Drug Task Force told Wake Up:

“Parents should take precautions with candy anyways, they should look through their children’s candy before they have it and check for anything,” Stratmangallatin said.

As for THC candy making it to kids, Stratmangallatin didn’t think parents at home should be on edge over it.

“We are not aware of this happening within our community,” Stratmangallatin said.

Stratmangallatin advises that before you give your kids candy you should give everything a thorough look over, anything that looks out of place probably is.

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