bullock debate colbert show

Montana's governor and presidential candidate Steve Bullock says he was unfairly shut out of the national candidate debates this week - so Stephen Colbert invited him on the Late Show for an exclusive campaign event of his own.

"Sure, twenty candidates qualified for the first round of Democratic debates. But only one candidate qualified for the 'All Governor Steve Bullock' debate."

Commenters weighed in on the bold move:

"I think that that sixth governor Bullock from the left made some very valid points!"

"will the real Steve Bullock please stand up (please stand up)"

"When Steve Bullock got the opportunity to do this All Steve Bullock Debate he must have been beside himself!"

"All joking aside. Steve Bullock has shown bipartisanship, the ability to pass progressive legislation in a Republican-held legislature, the need to counter dark-money in politics and make healthcare more affordable.He'd make a pretty decent president."

Bullock debated multiple versions of himself and took questions from Colbert - watch for yourself:

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