MISSOULA - A farmer’s market favorite is now available all week long. Veera Donuts opened up shop on the Hip Strip in Missoula.

Hungry customers filled the donut shop Thursday, eyeing the sweet treats that seem to come in every flavor imaginable, just waiting to sink their teeth into that vegan donut. You read that right, vegan donuts

"Hannah just started baking on her days off," said General Manager Megan Coleman. "She’s been a vegan for 6 years so I think she wanted to prove that you can make a really tasty vegan donut."

Even before Veera Donuts had a store front, they already had a following.

"I started last summer at the market I would go almost every Saturday," said Veera Customer Pearl Monroe.

It's those loyal customers that have helped grow the business to what it is today.

"We started at farmers markets I think with 100 or 200 donuts but that grew to 400 and that grew to 600 then eventually we got an investor for the store," Coleman said.

Not only are the donuts vegan, but a lot of their ingredients come from Missoula.

"Any time we can buy local or we have a friend from farmer's market that we can produce from we try to source all the ingredients form Missoula if we can,” Coleman said.

Even the mint garnish on one donut came from Coleman's garden.

Veera has been open since last Monday and business has been booming.

"We ran out one day and we felt really bad because we had to turn the closed sign around at 2 PM,” Coleman said.

Now that the shop is up and running, the menu will soon feature other vegan items.

Veera is located behind Big Dipper on Higgins. It's  open from 7 AM-7PM every day.

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