Using recognition to pursue success

GREAT FALLS - How many of you were awarded for something back in your high school days? How many of you kept on pursuing your passions related to that award? Here's how high schoolers are taking recognition for excelling in school and using it to pursue their careers.

Every year a select number of 11th graders across the Great Falls Public School System are recognized for excelling in various subjects, but what we may not always hear about is what's next for them.

After excelling in all of her science classes, Rhya Woods, an 11th grader at GFHS, was awarded the Outstanding Junior Award for the Science Department.

Her award isn't just a piece of paper, she's planning on using it as inspiration to meet her goal of working in the medical field. Woods' says it's all thanks to folks like her teacher's showing her how much opportunity exists for those who pursue a career in science.

"As a younger kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian for like the longest time, and then this year I took Intro to Health Occupations, and that class definitely opened my eyes," said Woods.

Woods' says she's angling to work more with the hands-on aspect of the medical field like being a nurse or doctor. And as for where she's heading off to college, that's still up in the air. But she's got plenty of time to decide since she graduates next year.

Woods is looking forward to kicking off her senior year with, you guessed it, more science classes.

These awards and ceremony were all sponsored by the Great Falls Public Schools Foundation.

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