UM students return for spring semester

MISSOULA, Mont. - University of Montana students return to the classroom for spring semester. 

UM is continuing its efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Like MSU, students who live on campus can receive an asymptomatic COVID-19 test. Any student experiencing symptoms is able to be tested, regardless of their living situation.

This semester, the university is offering class in-person, remote and hybrids of both. Senior Maggie Riddell said classes just aren't the same. 

"Being online takes away, I don't know, the coolest and best part of school is just going to class and learning from your professors," Riddell said. "They're trying their best, but it's not good." 

Graduate student Melissa Glueckert decided to go part time this semester because of how difficult it is for her to keep up online. 

"I don't think I really had one assignment this semester, or last semester, that I didn't ask for an extension on because I had such trouble writing it and getting that focus," Glueckert said. 

Both students also expressed frustrations about paying full tuition without getting the full college experience. The university is working to create more college experiences for students with an ice rink on the oval, skiing on the golf course, fire pits and live music. A full list of events is listed on Griz Hub. 

The University of Montana continues to update its Campus COVID Operations Plan online. 

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