MISSOULA - According to an alert by University of Montana Police, a student reported a person running toward him with what looked like a knife.

According to the alert, a student reported that while walking from Adams Center near McGill Hall, he heard the sound of running coming from his left.

The student reported he saw a person about 6 feet tall dressed in a black hoodie, gray sweat pants, and wearing a black ski mask running toward him. The student reported the person had their hand raised and appeared to have a weapon which he described as either a sword or a knife.

The student ran and was not sure if the person followed him. He was not harmed, but was fearful that he would be.

UM Police are investigating the incident and urging people to be aware of their surroundings.

GrizWalk is available for escorts and can be reached at 243-2777.

If anyone has information about this incident they are asked to contact the UM Police Department at 243-6131 or 243-4000.

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