The owners of The Historic Murray Hotel have an idea to save the summer tourism season

LIVINGSTON- With a 14-day quarantine order in effect for people entering the state, small tourist destinations across Montana are preparing for a difficult summer tourism season.

Livingston is a tourism town, and for business owners like Kathleen Kaul who owns The Historic Murray Hotel she’s stressed about the future, but she has an idea to not just for Livingston but every small town across the state to stay successful. 

“Our summer months are the months that pull us through the rest of the year,” Kaul said, “so losing…reservations have been very, very difficult.” 

Kaul says her hope is due to outsiders not being able to come to Montana, Montanans will have will explore the small towns that make it unique. 

“I want Montanans to come play in their backyard, I want them to go float the river, go hike the trails,l enjoy our beautiful little town, and that is what I’m hoping will bring our summer season around so that we can make it through the next year,” Kaul said.

Normally reservations for wedding receptions and summer excursions would have the hotel staff busy right now, but the hotel is empty.

Due to the vacancy, they’re using the hotel for something else as a way to support the community.

“We’ve closed the hotel to the general public but we’re having doctors and nurses and caregivers who are afraid to go home and expose their family the ability to stay in the hotel gratis,” Kaul said. 

Even though times are different serving the healthcare workers is providing normalcy.

“It makes us feel good to still be functioning,” Kaul said. 

The small tourist town of Livingston is embracing for a difficult season but many businesses like Murray are holding onto optimism that Montana will take care of Montanans.

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