The link between pills in medicine cabinets and sex trafficking

GREAT FALLS- For parents, it’s something they’d never think could lead to sex trafficking. That’s leftover medication in someone's medicine cabinet.

According to police, they’ve seen more and more cases of sex trafficking linked to drug addiction. It’s why they’re urging parents to think twice about what they have in their home.

If someone has had any kind of surgery, they’ve probably had some sort of pain killer in their medicine drawer. Police said those leftover pain pills or any kind medication for that matter could be a potential temptation for children.

Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter said it happens more often than people think. Children have become more and more addicted to drugs. Once that addiction takes over, he states they turn to older people who have connections which can lead to sex trafficking.

“Your kids are more in harm’s way with spare pills in the medicine cabinet versus having a firearm at home,” said Slaughter. “It sounds like paranoia, but children every day in Great Falls are going into their parent's medicine cabinet and taking their medication. Or they're going to their friend's house and getting to a friend's parents medicine.”

Slaughter stated the best thing someone can do to protect their children is lock up their medication or get it out of their house altogether.

There are several places across the state people can drop of spare pills safely. In Great Falls there are drug take-back boxes at the Montana Highway Patrol Office and Malmstrom Air Force Base. Click here for a full list of Rx Dropbox Locations across the Treasure State.

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