BUTTE, Mont - After a year of vacancy, the Daily Post Building in Uptown Butte has new ownership.

A renowned Butte family known as the Markovich's closed the sale on St. Patrick's Day.

Corey and his wife, Kristi Markovich are ready to take on the historic building and its current problems.

Once the fire raced through the building on Jan. 23, 2020, it caused the roof to collapse into the second story, and the three businesses were left destroyed inside.

There are extensive water and smoke damage to the Irish Times Bar, the Post bar, and Muddy Creek Brewery.

The Markovichs said they do not plan to remodel the exterior of the building and, the new project is going too, cost over $1 million.

Since they purchased the building, the family has seen support from the mining city.

"There is a lot of support and positive feedback behind what we are doing now we got everyone watching we better do a good job."

Corey and Kristi said they are excited about their new project and plan to make the building viable again.

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