Stokes Market

BUTTE- Stokes Fresh Food Market will close this summer to make room for an expanded True Value Hardware Store.

The grocery store opened its doors in Butte in 2015 and added an 8,000-square-foot hardware department in 2016.

Store director Chad Boothe says the hardware store has done well the past three years. The company performed market studies, and Boothe says it makes financial sense to expand the hardware department by closing the grocery story.

"We're very excited, I think this will be a very positive thing for the Butte community," Boothe says. "We feel the Butte community is underserved with hardware, and by almost doubling our size in hardware we'll be able to meet the needs of the Butte community."

The new expanded True Value will be over 17,00 square feet of hardware supplies.

On May 1, the store will offer discounts on groceries to get rid of their remaining items. Boothe says they plan to have the store closed by June.

The Anaconda Stokes will not be impacted by this expansion and employees will be offered jobs at the new expanded True Value or have the option to transfer to another Stokes location, Boothe says.

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