Electric scooters in Bozeman getting ready to hibernate for the winter

BOZEMAN- The owner of the state's first electric scooter rental business says they've had a successful summer and will be putting the e-scooters away for winter.

Owner of Blink Rides, Lana Kitto, says she'll also be putting them away this weekend, with snow in the forecast, but they'll come back out again through October.

She says it was a successful first year, and she has over 3000 active users renting Blink scooters. Kitto believes there could be more when new drop-off zones are added.

Kitto says renters rode over 12,000 miles since the launch in late spring. With the success of her business, she also saw damage.

“We have had some incidents where it’s a complete write-off,” Kitto said. “We had about five or six scooters that are completely wiped out so far.”

She says each scooter costs about $1,500, making for $7500 worth of damage and she says most of the damage can be avoided by parking them appropriately.

Kitto says the first year was a learning experience but currently has no plans to stop. She's looking to expand to offer scooters for rent on the Montana State University campus, possibly by next year.

She also has her eyes on expanding across the state.

“Missoula still has a lot of logistics they’re trying to work through,” Kitto said, “Billings definitely has the demographic, they’ve got a beautiful downtown, it would be a good fit for Billings.”

Kitto says she's the only female C.E.O of a scooter company in the United States.

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