Sperry Chalet

MISSOULA - The iconic Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park has risen from the ashes and opened it's doors for guests once again.

Sperry Chalet started taking online reservations for the summer of 2020 on Jan. 13., and after the online reservation request form was available for about an hour, there were already over 2,700 requests in the queue.

Doug Mitchell, Glacier National Park Conservancy's executive director, told Wake Up Montana he is not surprised at the outpouring of community support and interest to stay at Sperry Chalet at all.

"It's really incredible and it's been so heartwarming all along to see so much public support for this important part of Glacier's Sperry landscape," said Mitchell.

The overnight rate at Sperry Chalet is $237 for the first person and then an additional $159 for each additional person in the same room, plus Montana's accommodations tax.

For those that weren't able to snag a reservation at the iconic vacation spot, Sperry Chalet recommends people continue to check on the website throughout the spring because cancellations do happen and new opportunities could open up.

At last check, there were nearly 3,000 reservation requests in the queue.

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