BOZEMAN- A portion of Yellowstone National Park is set to open Friday, May 10.

Xanterra the company that operates the national parks recently made some major updates bringing new life to an old building at Yellowstone.

Re-purpose and restore that’s the mission of Xanterra. 

The historic Haynes building in the park got a facelift to now be a functional building.

Going from an old run down empty building to being a major point of operation for the park. 

The Haynes Picture Shop used to be a small grocery store and photoshop in the park.

The original owner of the building, Frank Haynes, was the official Yellowstone Park photographer in 1881.

The building used to be the only place you could get a photo developed overnight in the park.

It sat empty until 2016 when Xanterra took on the project and turned it into new office space.

“So rarely do we unless there’s a major issue with from a structural standpoint, if it’s completely unsafe rarely do we anything where we remove a building,” Dylan Hoffman said.

Hoffman works as the director of sustainability for Xanterra.

“We always try to remodel and renovate, at least shore it up even if it’s not in use, we try to maintain that facility because it’s a part that historic facade of the district,” Hoffman said. 

Xanterra's headquarters facilitates the booking of hotels in the park.

This headquarters used to be in one of the hotels now since they have this building they were able to give that space back to the people for use.

The building itself was awarded a LEED gold award for its many eco-friendly features, 31% of materials used for the project were sourced locally.

Weather-permitting the South Entrance will open in Yellowstone  

-    The South Entrance to West Thumb, 

-    Lake Village to West Thumb,

-    West Thumb to Old Faithful (Craig Pass), 

-    Tower Junction to Tower Fall, 

All opening Friday, May 10, to public motorists.

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