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JACKSON WY.- Signs will be posted on portions of Fish Creek and Flat Creek warning swimmers and float tubers of elevated levels of E. coli.

A release from the Teton County Wyoming Health Department says the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality rules state that in all waters that are used for primary contact recreation, such as swimming, float tubing or in some matter being fully submerged in the water, during the summer recreation session, concentrations of E. coli bacteria shall not exceed a geometric mean of 126 organisms per 100 milliliters during any consecutive 60-day period.

Portions of Fish Creek have exceeded the limit, along with portions of Flat Creek that runs through the South Park Feedgrounds at the end of Flat Creek before it joins Snake River according to the release.

Posting signage on both creeks to warn the public was recommended by the Teton District Board of Health.

Signage will be posted within the next week near locations used by float tubers on Fish Creek, specifically near Hunt Bridge on the U.S. Forest Service property directly upstream from Hunt Bridge. 

Signage will also be posted on Flat Creek near the Hay Barn Bridge on the South Park Feedgrounds, where float tubers regularly put into Flat Creek the release says, along with at the swimming hole at the confluence of Flay Creek and the Snake River on VonGontard’s Landing.

The signs will state that this is a Public Advisory Impared Waterway and that bacterial levels in these waters at times exceed recommended Department of Environmental Quality Standards. It is recommended that swimming or float tubing in these waters should be avoided.

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