Sex trafficking statistics in Montana and signs to look for

GREAT FALLS- Children and adults are tricked into the sex trafficking industry through force, fraud, or coercion.

After two recent cases of sex trafficking in Great Falls, law enforcement has a list of warnings people need to look out for.

Cascade County Sheriff, Jesse Slaughter said in some scenarios, kids get tricked into selling themselves for drugs or alcohol which is one-way sex trafficking happens.

Just seven years ago the National Human Trafficking Hotline reported about 3,200 cases of human trafficking. Last year that number had more than tripled (10,949). At the state level in Montana, the highest number of cases reported during the last seven years was 27, but Slaughter said they don’t have local numbers which will soon change.

"The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force that we're a part of has been tracking those so in years to come we will have those statistics on this type of activity,” said Slaughter.

Slaughter said the best way to keep your kids from falling into this trap is to have an open honest relationship and empower them. If they feel comfortable talking to parents, they will less likely get involved. 

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