Senator Jon Tester to host public town hall in Bozeman

Tester Jon (D-MT)

BOZEMAN- United States Senator Jon Tester will be in Bozeman hosting a public town hall.

The senator will be speaking on a wide range of issues, everything from his trip to the southern border and his position on the Affordable Care Act. 

The senator also pushed to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund, he'll be speaking on that topic as well. 

The event will take place at the Hotel Baxter in downtown Bozeman, April 16 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

You are encouraged to arrive early, the Senators staff says they are expecting a big crowd and have received a lot of interest in the event. 

How do the others members of the Montana Delegation stack up in communication with constituents,

Senator Tester-

Senator Tester has held 26 in-person town hall meetings since 2015.  

The senator has held 19 telephone town hall meetings since 2015.  

3,456 people participated in the last telephone town hall.

You can sign up to get information on town halls on his website, here and email with him, here.

Senator Daines- 

The senator has hosted 22 tele-townhalls, he uses phone town halls to reach people all over the state.

32,234 people participated in last tele-townhalls. 

The Senator also skypes with students, teachers, and faculty at local schools to keep in contact with his younger constituents.

Senator Daines also hosts a “56 County Tour,” where he tours the state.

This week, the Senator will be meeting with seniors in Helena and then he'll be hearing from members of law enforcement in Missoula on combatting the meth crisis. 

To join one of the tele-townhalls you can sign up or by texting “SenatorDaines” to 828282.

You can also email Senator Daines, here, and sign up for his e-newsletter here

Congressmen Gianforte- 

The congressmen hosts regular telephone town halls.

To get involved in those you can or text “REPGIANFORTE” to 828282.

You also can sign up on his website here

The telephone town halls reach about 100,000 Montanans on each call.

The congressmen met with Montanans in all 56 counties within 65 days of being sworn into office. 

During the next two weeks the congressman will cross the state to present veterans with the Montana Congressional Veteran Commendation.

He also will also meet with seniors, health care providers, students, small business owners, as well as county commissioners and local leaders across Montana.

The congressmen also has a e-newsletter which you can sign up for here and email with him here. 

Montana Coffee- 

All three members of the Montana Delegation also take part in the "Montana Coffee," which is a weekly coffee hosted in DC, which nearly 900 Montanans attended in 2017. This event has been going on for over 25 years. You can sign up to attended on all three memebers websites. 

Information courtesy of the offices of Senator Tester, Senator Daines, and, Congressmen Gianforte.

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