Governor Bullock announced yesterday the extended closure of all public schools by two weeks going from March 27th to now April 10th.

Great Falls Public Schools says they need input from the community, and they need it fast in order to be able to continue learning, teaching and providing meals for families in need.

The main hurdle is the school system is set to start spring break on the 1st of April, meaning all programs involved will stop, including the programs that provide meals for students and their families.

 Right now GFPS is working on getting a plan approved to continue this program and help families but they need the community's help.

The plan also includes off site learning and structure, services for students with disabilities and child care.

The input period will only be available until today at 3 this afternoon and tonight a draft of the plans will be presented to the board of trustees at a special meeting at 5:30.

You can find a link to the plan of action and how to provide input here.

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