Ravalli County Scam Letter

Courtesy: Ravalli County Sheriff's Office

MISSOULA - Right now there are multiple scams circulating throughout western Montana and they're looking for money and personal information.

The first scam is happening in Missoula. There have been reports that the caller has a strong southern accent and a non-406 area code. The caller has been saying they are Sgt. Travis Welsh, the public information officer for Missoula PD. 

"The caller identified himself as me, questioned people about some kind of legal action that they may have been involved in or that they are expected to be involved in, presumably as an effort to obtain their personal information," said the real Sgt. Travis Welsh. 

The other scam is going around in Ravalli County in the mail. People have received letters asking for donations for the National Police Association. However, the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office says the particular group has not reached out to local law enforcement and it is unclear what the donations they're asking for are going toward.

Ravalli County Sheriff's Office went further to say they do not endorse the National Police Association and they want to remind people to research organizations clearly before sending money.

If you think you've fallen victim to either of these scams you are asked to contact your local law enforcement. 

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