Red Sleigh Over Montana accomplishes mission

Pilots and helpers hold final briefing before taking flight. 

MISSOULA- On a mission to spread Christmas cheer, 14 volunteer pilots flew their planes and helicopters around western Montana delivering presents to different communities.

Adding more and more communities until the last minute, the fleet was able to make stops at Drummond, Superior, Plains, Thompson Falls, Shelby, Anaconda, Eureka, Butte, Cut Bank, Choteau, the Sunset School, Libby, Stevensville, Philipsburg, Deer Lodge, Seeley Lake, White Sulphur Springs, Potomac, and Lincoln. 

Organized by the Museum of Mountain Flying, the event came together in only ten days. Volunteer Julie Lynch said it's a reflection of the Missoula community. 

"The most exciting thing for me has been watching everyone come together and in such quick fashion," Lynch said. "Missoula has come around and brought gifts, and all the people that are volunteering their time, it's been extremely heartwarming to watch." 

Before heading off in their different directions, the fleet of flying Santas and elves did a victory lap around Missoula. The museum said they hope to make this a new Montana tradition. 

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