Possible reopening plan to be discussed by Bozeman Public Schools

BOZEMAN- The Bozeman Public Schools put out a draft on how students could be coming back and filling up the hallways. 

The draft is a 14-page document, it lists out several different options for when it comes to reopening.

If implemented classes could be smaller and even the day your students show up to school could change.

For instance, K-5 instruction could have as many as 10 students in a classroom at a time, students could also see their Fridays being a remote learning and planning day.

The draft also says lunch could be held in classrooms as opposed to being in a lunchroom.

Middle school instruction reflects potential staggered start schedules and block days and with some remote learning and building based learning. 

As for the high schools, one option is that students could attend school in the building every third day and participate in remote learning on the other days. 

Special education students will receive services under their IEPS or Section 504 plan. 

The Bozeman Public Schools decide what classes would be better suited for an online format to free up other in-seat options.

A leadership team directed by the superintendent will take place Thursday where they look to hammer out some of the specific areas where suggestions were made.

The full draft can be found by following this link. The groups will come together on June 25, 2020, to develop a full re-entry in the fall. 

We will keep tracking this. 

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