BOZEMAN, Mont. - Detectives with the Bozeman Police Department recently came out and said they're renewing efforts to try and solve a cold case that dates all the way back to the 80's.

The unsolved murder of Randal Church is the focus of this week's 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast.

In February of 1985, the 23-year-old Montana State University student was shot twice in the head while working as the night shift manager at Pizza Hut on West Main Street.

For the past 36 years, Randy's loved ones have been holding onto the pain that comes with the "not knowing."

Who would kill Randy? What exactly happened? And why?

So Randy's older sister, Ruby, pushed detectives to reopen the cold case.

"I want answers. My parents died not having answers. 36 years is a long time to wait for answers," Ruby Burney said. "And I want answers. I want my mom and dad to have answers. I want my brothers and sister to have answers. I think Randy, Randy deserves it."

Ruby Burney shares memories of what Randy was like as a kid while growing up on Montana, as well as what life has been like for her and her family since his death.

Plus, detectives reveal what they're hoping will give them another shot at cracking this case.

'Pizza Hut Homicide: Bozeman's Only Unsolved Murder' is available here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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