Parents, how much is 2019 back to school supplies costing you

GREAT FALLS, Mont.- The National Retail Federation reports that last year parents spent an average of $684.79 on back to school supplies—add $11.91 to that for this year. The average American family is expected to spend almost $700 on back to school shopping this year.

According to the survey, clothing and accessories will top K-12 families’ expenses $239.82. Followed by electronics like computers, calculators, and phones $203.44; Shoes are next costing $135.96 after all that comes more traditional back to school items like notebooks, pencils, backpacks costing $117.49. The price tag may make you cringe—but at least the kids will be occupied during the day again.

"I'm excited to see my friends, do work, and have fun, mostly like draw, write, read, and have fun,” said Teegan Gunter, GFPS 2nd Grader.

Okay, so how can you save? Well, a Forbes article suggests- a couple of things. One, check and see what you may already have at home—if you already have it—you don’t need to buy it.

They also suggest signing up for rewards programs and Ebates to get cashback on your purchases. Look for families with older kids and arrange a clothing swap. If you can- wait till school is a few weeks in—lots of things go on sale in September. 

And lastly, there's always cutting up old fashion coupons. Happy shopping and good luck.

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