Outdoor movies make a comeback across Montana

MISSOULA - Montana movie theaters are thinking outside the box office, literally, to bring entertainment to people while also providing social distance.

Outdoor theaters and drive-ins are popping up across the treasure state.

One outdoor theater in the works will be behind Missoula's iconic Roxy Theater in the alley. Right now construction is underway to transform the small parking lot into a charming walk-up cinema where people can enjoy films in lawn chairs with string lights twinkly above.

Despite theaters being allowed to reopen on May 15, the Roxy Theater has opted to remain closed and are currently preparing for a bigger reopening in the middle of June when their outdoor section is expected to be complete.

The Pharaohplex in Hamilton is also working on opening a drive-in movie theater that is expected to open in June.

For people that live in Helena, going to the drive-in is closely on the horizon as the Last Chance Drive-In will open at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds on May 20.

Tickets for the Last Chance Drive-In will only be available online and cost $7 per person and $25 per car load.

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