One arrested and four cited after threatening video sent Belgrade Schools into shelter in place

New information-

- One adult male, arrested for tampering with evidence.

- One juvenile male and three juvenile females, cited for intimidation.

- Police are asking for people to come forward who may have been targeted or feel they are victims.

- The 8th-grade graduation was rescheduled for June 5 at 10:30 a.m.

What sent the school into shelter in place- 

The information regarding what started this has to do with a threatening video students produced that threatened violence toward other students.

This sent the school into a shelter in place.

That means the buildings were secure, students and staff were kept inside and no outside activities were allowed; but inside the schools, classes proceeded as normal.

The Belgrade Schools Superintendent, Godfrey Saunders, added that the school district appreciates the response from the law enforcement and that students need to think about their actions and threats they make because they will be taken seriously by everyone, the school and law enforcement will act accordingly.

*We are still working on getting more information on this and we will keep you updated with the latest

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