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GREAT FALLS- The Great Falls International Airport has seen record breaking numbers when it comes to flights this year.

Now, they’re looking to grow that number even more by adding over a dozen new flights to and from Great Falls; one which you could see as early as next summer.

Those record breaking numbers are mostly thanks to tourists coming to see Montana’s State and National Parks.

Now, the Great Falls International Airport is using that momentum to pitch Great Falls to other airlines.

If everything goes well, you could see more flights to the mid-west, west coast, and even direct flights to California by 2021.

However, with only a third of the commercial airlines we saw 2 decades ago still around, they tend to be a little pickier.  

“Last week we met with nine different airlines, they all hub a little bit differently, and so when we talk to them, we give them a tailored presentation on here's how we can tie into your hub system; here's how we think we can reach multiple destinations in your hub in order to make that flight successful. So, in the end, we want to work with the airline to tie into their system where it makes sense,” explains John Faulkner, the Great Falls International Airport Director.

The next step for the Great Falls International Airport would be to go visit the headquarters of several different airlines and talk to them about receiving a letter of recommendation for a grant.

So far, around 2 dozen local businesses have donated money to show their support of the new flights; bringing the airport two thirds of the way to their monetary goal.

For now, everything is just a wait game as the airport continues to raise money and gain support for those new flights.

One of the best ways you can help is by continuing support your local airport by flying locally.

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