Mountain Line adds more electric buses to its fleet

Courtesy: Mountain Line

MISSOULA, Mont - After a particularly smoky summer in western Montana, good air quality is even more important to the Missoula Valley. 

That's why Mountain Line is taking more steps to improve its emission of greenhouses gases and is adding two new electric buses to its fleet this week.

Riders can expect a quieter and cleaner ride during their commute. 

On top of that, four more electric buses are on the way, which will bring the fleet to over 40% electric by the end of the year. 

These new buses aren't costing taxpayers or riders anything extra. 

Instead, Mountain Line bought the buses through grants, including a $1 million one from the Montana Department of Environmental Equality.

Its part of a mission to have zero-tail-pipe emissions by 2035.

"We already know that taking public transportation is one of the best ways to reduce our personal carbon footprints," Shanti Johnson, communications specialist at Mountain Line said. "If we can amplify the positive impacts of taking public transportation by eliminating our diesel buses and converting them to electric, we're doing even more to benefit everyone in the valley by helping keep our air clean." 

By going fully electric, Mountain Line will eventually reduce its greenhouse emissions by over 250 tons and prevent the release of 7.6 pounds of particulate matter, what's measured in air quality when it's smoky. 

That's a little less than the weight of a gallon of milk. 

This helps protect Missoula's air quality, improving the community's public health. 

Right now, Mountain Line is making sure the buses are connected with the app so riders can track its location. Then the buses will be in service. 

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