MONTANA - The Montana Lottery announced the grand prize winning numbers in the 14th Montana Millionaire game Tuesday. Town Pump #8 in Butte sold the grand prize winning ticket. Nobody has come forward to claim their prize as of Wednesday morning. 

Tickets were $20 each and went on sale Nov. 1 -- all 180,000 sold out by Nov. 21. This year's Millionaire game set a new record, 10 days quicker than the previous record. A Lottery representative says an average of 8,500 people bought tickets per day this year.

"Because this has been such an unpredictable year for every Montana business and every Montanan for that matter, we weren't entirely sure how this would go. But the fact that it sold out so quickly, that was a surprise," Jennifer McKee said.

The Montana Lottery said on their website they ended up with two extra $100 instant wins since the Montana Millionaire tickets quickly selling out in November. Two "Early Bird prizes were drawn in November and earlier this month. 

The following are the grand prize Montana Millionaire winning numbers: 

$1 Million  125813

$250,000  170484

$100,000  150468

$100,000  145784

$100,000  066090

$10,000    064727

$10,000    016258

$10,000    098731

$10,000    155022

Below is a list of prize amounts and where they were sold, according to the Lottery's website:

12/29/2020$1,000,000125813Town Pump of Butte #8 #1300Butte
12/29/2020$250,000170484SMITH'S #168 FUEL CENTERColumbia Falls
12/29/2020$100,000150468Cenez Zip Trip #54Billings
12/29/2020$100,000145784Reese & Ray's IGA PlusLaurel
12/29/2020$100,000066090TOWN PUMP OF BILLINGS #11Biillings
12/29/2020$10,000064727Town Pump Butte #4 #914Butte
12/29/2020$10,000016258SUPER 1 FOODSColumbia Falls
12/29/2020$10,000098731STADIUM CLUBBillings
12/29/2020$10,000155022WHITE OAK SUPER STOPKalispell

Anyone claiming prizes over $600 must visit lottery headquarters in Helena to redeem their tickets.

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