Missoula crews fully staffed ahead of winter storm

MISSOULA, Mont. - As the state remains under a Weather Authority Alert, Missoula is experiencing its most snowfall of the season, so far. 

While crews work to keep up with snow removal, Missoula's public works department reports it's fully staffed and equipped. This department is responsible for snow within the City of Missoula, while the county clears roads outside the city and the Montana Department of Transportation clears highways. 

Streets director Brian Hensel said if the snow ends up falling for a long period of time, operators are prepared for overtime. 

While they're prepared, he's still asking neighbors to do their part in keeping crews on pace. 

"When people are moving snow from their driveways, sidewalks and parking lots, refrain from throwing snow out into the streets," Hensel said. It just makes more work for us and can create a potential hazard for other motorists."

That also includes avoiding any bike lanes and fire hydrants. 

The public works department also requests people to not park on the side of main streets, if possible, so they can clear the areas more thoroughly.

Their goal is to have main streets, school routes and the majority of downtown plowed and deiced by 7:30 a.m. 

To view the snow plow priority map, click here. 

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