Missoula programs promote balance with treats after Halloween

MISSOULA - 5210 Let's Move Missoula and United Way of Missoula are partnering together to help families and kids stay healthy by promoting balance with treats.

Halloween time can be all about enjoying candy and treats, but it can also be a nightmare for parents that are concerned with their child's nutrition and sugar intake.

Let's Move Missoula and United Way say it's not about taking sugar away or not enjoying the holiday, but about finding the balance between treats and healthy food.

"Helping kids understand that sugar, we eat it, little bits of it here and there because it doesn't give us the nutrients to grow up strong and be healthy and feel good. It's important to help them realize the role that sugar plays is a bigger part of our lives ," said Lisa Dworak, 5210 Let's Move Missoula coordinator.

Some tips you can try to manage your child's candy intake are only allowing your child to have one or two pieces of candy after they've been playing outside or playing a sport. Another tip is eating a healthy, filling meal before enjoying some of those treats or encouraging your child to share their candy with a child who may not have as much. Another suggestion is offering your child a trade. For example, exchanging ten pieces of candy for a trip to the movies or a sporting event.

5210 Let's Move Missoula and United Way hope that these tips will help families practice healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle.

"It's about producing a healthy community and a productive community, and to do that is to have an educated community that knows the lifestyle choices that they should take to be a healthy human being," said Eric Legvold, United Way collective impact and initiatives manager.

To help encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, 5210 Let's Move Missoula produces a monthly calendar of inexpensive ways to get your family moving around the garden city. That calendar can be found here.


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