MISSOULA, Mont. — One Missoula woman is putting her passion for photography to work to bring awareness to an ongoing issue here in Montana.
Jen Buckley, owner of Tveraa Photography, wants to get everyone talking about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) crisis in the state.
As a member of the Chippewa-Cree tribe, this issue hits close to home for her, which is why she’s trying to get more of her photos in more businesses and on more billboards across the state. 
"These are my people and these are my family that need to be found,” Buckley said.
It’s a call that’s long overdue.
"I always knew and was passionate about this issue, but when Jermain Charlo went missing, I went on a search with her aunt and the Lifeguard group and I just, something has to be done, you know?” she said.
She started her mission in Missoula where a billboard just went up on I-90 near the airport.
"It says ‘How many must go missing before you start to listen?’ I feel like it's really self-explanatory and people have to really go, 'yeah how many must go missing?'” Buckley said.
To get more people to look and to listen to her message, her work will go up on billboards in Billings and Havre in April.
"That's the goal, have them everywhere in your face so that you have to remember that this is an issue that isn't going away,” she said.
She hopes then, that more will people start talking about the crisis when they see the photos.
"A lot of people get into issues and then it fades and it's kinda like this hot topic of the minute. It's like no, this is a pandemic in itself and it's going to be talked about forever I hope,” she said.
To help put an end to this pandemic, Buckley wants to get more of these photos in businesses and billboards all across Montana.
"I'm just hoping that when they look at these billboards it lights a fire and they want to get involved and they want to speak out for people that don't have a voice,” she said.
If you want to get one of these photos up I’m your business, or if you want to see more billboards go up across the state, contact Jen Buckley at by email at mslammiwphotoseries@gmail.com to donate.

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