$4.1 million in grant money given to Bozeman Airport as construction progresses on new terminal

BOZEMAN- The fastest growing airport in the state of Montana is racing against the clock to get some massive construction done.

As the Bozeman area continues to expand the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is growing with it.

The airport director Brian Sprenger says that with snowfall early in the season crews had to work fast to get the new roof on the new terminal.

Crews have enclosed the lower level and are working on completion of the upper level.

The airport is expanding the terminal to be able to facilitate more flights and adding four new gates, the 70,000 square foot addition will be the size of what the airport used to be 10 years ago.

All of this expansion good for the economy is even better for you at home looking for flights.

“The benefits for the consumer are that it gives us more ability to attract additional air service,” Sprenger said, “it allows us to handle more flights at once which generally means fairs can come down if there’s more competition.”

As the construction continues in Bozeman the U.S Transportation Secretary announced a $4.1 million grant to the airport which is part of a $485 million federal investment into America's airports.

Funds are going to be used to build a brand new apron for the airport.

This is a crucial investment, the apron could be viewed as a parking lot for airplanes.

All of this coming just a few short weeks after the announcement that Sun Country Airlines to will add summer seasonal non-stop flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul out of the Bozeman area.

Last year the airport serviced 1.3 million passengers the airport director says it's estimated per person, people to spend close to $800-$1000 in the area.

This expansion is only going to bring those numbers up.

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