Small business owners are concerned about what this second Coronavirus relief bill will include and hope the money will be enough to keep them afloat.

The owner of the Electric City Conservatory says stimulus money will be going directly towards buying more product, but she and many others are wondering how much they'll get this time around. 

The shop is decked out for the holidays and it's always filled with fresh flowers and herbs but caring for them is expensive, especially with fewer sales during these tough times. 

Meghan Taylor, owner of the Electric City Conservatory, explains how the first round of a stimulus package helped them re-start after the initial shutdown earlier this year; bringing employees back on the payroll, covering general bills, and stocking up on fresh plants. She says constantly opening and shutting down hits them hard in the pocket and takes a toll on the plants. For the first time in 118 years, the pandemic threatened to shut their doors for good.

"We were pretty close I mean the stimulus helped and the customers helped a lot. I mean, without them we would not have been here throughout all the years and this year but we bounced back and we're doing good and it's all from the community,” said Taylor.

They're relying on loyal customers to make it out of this pandemic on top. She hopes this possible next federal aid package will be distributed more evenly across the small business sector to benefit 'Mom and Pop' shops like hers.  This year their outdoor bedding season was cut down to only a quarter; setting them back significantly.

According to Taylor, "We lost a good $25-$30,000 just on that alone but we did get a stimulus and it did help. Ya know, anything helps but I think one of the biggest things is people, if they would just remember to shop local is the biggest thing. We do good because we do have such good customers so that helps a lot.”

The holidays remain one of their busiest times of the year. Taylor and her team had to work quickly to catch up and prepare plenty of festive items. For now they're staying positive hoping for a blooming 2021.

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