Local Businesses Spotlight: Nomad Taco

Down at Nomad Taco they have been through it all in the last 12 months, Brittni Mayfield and Jason Mayfield have celebrated their first wedding anniversary, the town their business was set up in burned down, all well working through COVID-19.

“We did tacos a little earlier than we normally do,” Brittni Mayfield said, “We move down to Gardiner and then the fire happened- we’ve been back in Emigrant and we’re now about done for the season.”

Their taco truck was an innovative way to continue to generate income during COVID, people could eat outside and only the two of them were working.

So on the health front, it worked well tourists and the town of Gardner- everyone was sold on the idea.

“The tourism train didn’t seem to stop with,” Jason Mayfield said, “It was getting busier by the day for sure.”

They were working about three days a week just selling breakfast tacos- which for them was perfect but after the fire, they change their plan and they’re now working extended hours in Emigrant.

“W will have to see what we do next year,” Jason Mayfield said, “We’re undecided at this point, but it will be in this 45-mile radius- I’m sure”

Right now, they say they are back at the Old Salon and business is doing well for them.

A lot of the old locals have come back and supported them through the difficult months.

All in all, they say that they are just happy that they had a small chunk of the tourism season before the fire in Gardiner displaced them.

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