LEWISTOWN- This town is known for everything from the Chokecherry Festival in the summer to the North Pole adventure in the winter. But there’s another key attraction that brings people here all year long.

Lewistown is the geographic center of the state. Right inside the Yogo Inn is a mosaic on the floor marking the exact center of Montana. A man named, Big Al Miller regularly performs at the Yogo Inn and said he sees people from all over taking note of the landmark.

"I just kind of looked at it and it's kind of comical because I just looked down and thought okay,” said Miller. And then I walked away and seven people in this family are standing in a huddle and the husband is taking pictures, we're in the middle of Montana."

Yogo Inn staffers said they learned of the landmark in 1983 when they were doing construction on the hotel. They were building the center mark courtyard, and construction crews found artifacts from 1912. That included a document and map with a circle showing that this was indeed the middle of Montana.

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