Lewis & Clark Library prepping for major renovations

HELENA – The Lewis and Clark Library will start some major renovations next month. The remodel will focus on a series of changes, renovations, additions and upgrades.  

The kickoff date will be December 2nd and 3rd and the library will be closed during the day for construction purposes and open at 5 p.m. Their intention is to keep it open as much as possible but also making sure to tell everyone there will be nuisances, dust and noise during the process.  

One of the highlights of the design is bringing the outdoors into the library by adding windows throughout. Once the renovations are complete, the library director says the 40-year-old building will not look the same. 

“This entire first floor will be completely different in September of next year,” says John Finn, the Library Director. “The entire floor is being gutted in stages. We are starting at the front of the building and working our way back.” 

He says the whole process is about serving the customers better. 

“Our plan is to make our meeting room spaces a lot better, a lot more user friendly and a lot more comfortable,” says Finn. 

The construction will also make the building safer in an event of a natural disaster. The renovations will also improve the accessibility by making all public areas inside and out ADA accessible.  

Finn said during the planning process they realized they needed to make some updates to the structure of the building. They will be adding a fire suppression system for the first time that will include sprinklers. 

The $6 million project is expected to take about 10 months and if you want to find out more information about the project or see pictures of what the renovations will look like you can click here.  

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