Montana artist makes top 5 in national beer art contest, voting ends Tuesday

Courtesy: Emma Covill

MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula artist Emma Covill is asking for your vote as she approaches the final deadline for Pabst Blue Ribbon's can art contest. The contest asked people to submit designs for a limited edition beer can label. Voting ends on Feb. 24.

"It's so exciting, I honestly wasn't expecting it," Covill said. "I mean, I guess you hope, but it was a big national contest and I feel like you always have better luck with the local ones, so I was kind of just doing it for practice." 

Covill submitted a design titled, “Desert Night Camp." According to her Instagram, she was inspired by desert landscapes after working in Zion National Park in 2015, her study of history of architecture and her recent venture into earring making. 

Out of all the entries, PBR narrowed it down to 25 finalists, and then down to five. Covill's design remained through it all. 

"Now that you just pick one, I think I have the least amount of followers out of everyone, so I need help," Covill laughed. "I need everyone to vote for me, like twice." 

Now, no matter what place she ends up with, PBR will commission her artwork at some point in 2021. The top three places win cash prizes with the grand prize winner taking home $10,000 on top of getting their art featured on millions of PBR cans nationwide this fall. 

"I think it would be so cool to have Missoula art on PBR cans, especially because, I don't know, Montanans just really like PBR," Covill joked. 

Voting closes Feb. 24. The winner will be announced on Feb. 26. To cast your vote, click here. 

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