HRDC working to keep city moving amid the Coronavirus

BOZEMAN- Over the last two weeks, there’s been some confusion about the Warming Center in Bozeman.

The Warming Center is currently open and operating as a day center, the Warming Center was originally scheduled to close March 31.

Due to the virus, the HRDC had to change its operation to keep staff and members of the community healthy.

Right now the facility is open and operational from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“Folks can come in and they can get gear, they can use the restroom, take a shower, take care of their laundry,” Heather Grenier C.E.O of the HRDC in Bozeman said, “we’re working with each one of them individually to try to find an alternate solution for their individual needs and then we’re also collectively working on other long-term solutions.”

The HRDC is working with the local disaster coalitions to find other shelter options in the event that there is an uptick in homelessness in the community. Currently, they are seeing around 100 people a day.

Due to the coronavirus and the situation in the community, they are extending their operation into April but the cost of staff and to keep the facility open that long was not in their budget.

Normally operations within the HRDC utilizes volunteers but right now due to the virus they’re using more staff members to keep volunteers off the front lines and healthy.

The HRDC in Bozeman operates the Streamline Bus and helps with rental and energy bill relief along with helping yo facilitate affordable housing across the Gallatin Valley.

“We’re seeing just a significant need [in] things that normally we wouldn’t be supplying,” Grenier said, “however I would say rental assistance and help just paying normal bills [is what] we’re seeing considerably increase.”

Members of the community are stepping up with a Match to Match challenge if you donate five dollars, five dollars will be matched all the way up to $10,000.

The HRDC says they are still working to be boots on the ground and be of service for those in need by way of the food bank but the supplies are depleting quickly.

Due to congestion at the food bank, cash donations are more helpful than product donations.

To make a donation you can follow this link.

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