How you can save your money and your frozen pipes

Bozeman Water and Sewer Division Assistant Superintendent Nick Pericich uses a crescent wrench to turn off the water in his scaled down water pipe model.

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bozeman Water and Sewer Division said they have answered more calls than expected when it comes to frozen pipes during this cold snap.

Nick Pericich, assistant superintendent of the Bozeman water and sewer division, said using a blow dryer could save your frozen pipes and your wallet but doing it wrong could lead to even more disasters.

The first step is to always shut off your water and the second step is super simple but not always obvious, don't use an open flame to thaw your frozen pipe.

“Don’t use anything really hot, what we typical use is a hair dryer, it’s simple, it’s a lot of heat, but it’s not too much that it’s not going to melt the solder on your pipes or catch your building on fire," Pericich said. "Plug it in and turn it on and wave it back and forth across the area that you think is frozen or affected.”

Pericich added that pipes will typically freeze with wind or a breeze so closing doors, windows, and crawl spaces while making sure nothing is blocking your heaters like a bed or dresser is a good way to prevent any frozen pipes in the first place.

An easy rule to remember, if you go into a room and you can see your breath its too cold for water in your pipes.

Pericich said a lot of calls start with people going on vacation and forgetting about the simple things to do before you leave.

Keeping the thermostat above 65 degrees and leaving your cabinet doors open underneath sinks so the heat can get in will help.

More information on the Bozeman Water and Sewer Division can be found here.

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