How to not break the bank this holiday season

HELENA – Every year it seems like the price of the holiday season just becomes more and more expensive.  

Odie Otterstrom, President of the Chamberlin Group in Helena, says it starts with making a list and making sure you are sticking to it. He says knowing and organizing your own budget is always good before you start holiday shopping.  

“If you get yourself out and about and you are shopping without a plan or any kind of organization, it’s really easy to fall into the temptation of spending more than you intended and buying for people you didn’t necessarily intend too,” says Otterstrom. 

He says pick out the four or five people you’re going to shop for and stick to it. Otterstrom says starting next year by one item a month for one person on your list so you are not paying off things throughout the year instead of saving for them the following year.  

One mom in Helena says she is doing something a little different this year.  

"I as a mom have been focusing on giving experiences to my kidos instead of buying them elaborate gifts," says Candace Swan. “We have a routine every year about spending time together around the holiday. Instead of giving gifts we are focusing on going somewhere special.” 

Otterstrom says people are doing just that. Drifting away from small gifts and presents to trips and experiences for their families. 

Now the real question is, are you wanting to spend Christmas around a Christmas tree or a palm tree.  

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