Historic barns on Missoula Fairgrounds getting 'total refurbishments'

Rendered image of how the commercial building will look like. 

Credit: Missoula County Fairgrounds

Two buildings on the Missoula County fairgrounds are getting a face lift, to make them more functional, and to bring back the fairground's century-old look.  

Fairgrounds Production Manager Tom Aldrich said the commercial building and the culinary building are currently being remodeled. 

"They're getting total refurbishments from top to bottom. Not only to a safer, prettier, and more functional status, but to restore them to their historic look," Aldrich said. 

The buildings will be painted white with black roofs, and have natural wood tones on the inside. 

The renovations will cost $3.2 million. But who will pay for it? 

"It's through a debt service, that the commissioners approved last year," Aldrich said. 

The two buildings will be open in August. With more renovations on other structures planned. 

"Starting this fall, we're developing a historic plaza between [the commercial and culinary] buildings to center them, and make a nice outdoor area," Aldrich said. 

Those renovations will be done by August 2020. 

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