Hill Park gets ready to welcome new fountain

HELENA – Some work is being done to the new equity fountain in Helena’s Hill Park. The fountain is the replacement to the Confederate Memorial Fountain that was removed in 2017.

The two old uprights from the previous fountain have been taken out. There has been new curbing installed, they have increased the size of the pedestal, as well as adding some finishing touches to the sphere that will soon stand at the fountain site. 

Ron Waterman, the Chair of the Equity Fountain Project, says they are trying to grab the values that are common within the community, such as equity, equality, fairness, diversity and tolerance. Waterman says those are very common attributes that we all hold true and all find common in our civil discourse that we want to see. 

"This is the first fountain, or first public piece of art, that replaces one of those old confederate statues and fountains,” says Waterman. “I think it's significant and we should be proud of the fact that as a community we stepped forward to say 'no, these are our values'." 

Waterman says the goal is to have the fountain up by early December. He says the hope is as people come by the fountain for the holidays, they will be able to look over and see the new structure. Because of the cold climate, the fountain won’t have the water running until the warmer months. Waterman says most of year, the community will be able to enjoy the site of the new fountain. 

The Equity Fountain Project is still in the process of fundraising to reach their $100,000 goal. Waterman says they are close, and if you are interested in helping you can contact the Montana Community Foundation and click on the Equity Fountain Project tab.  

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