Heritage Center committee held first design phase meeting

HELENA – The new Heritage Center is now in the design phase and on Wednesday the building committee held their first meeting.  

The Building Committee is tasked with determining the structure, design, and look of the new Heritage Center. During the meeting members also discussed the needs of the Montana Historical Society, the Capitol Complex and the public.  

“We try to think about what the people of Montana would like to see in this new museum and historical society, so all of those ideas have been incorporated into the discussion,” says Bruce Whittenberg the Director of Montana Historical Society, “It's important that we listen to the input from folks all across Montana, think about what they might like to see in their state history museum and represent that in the design.” 

A big priority for the committee is getting the ball rolling before the start of the next legislative session. The temporary parking development was also under discussion as they want to assure the public there will be accommodations for parking, pedestrian traffic and everything else.  

“There is a lot of attention being paid to making sure that any changes to the Capitol campus that will be a part of this project will accommodate the parking that is going to be necessary for visitors, legislators, guests and others,” says Whittenberg. 

This will be the first building constructed on the Capitol Campus in 36 years. The Historical Society will also be undergoing renovations, so the committee is also tasked with finding ways to make the building as efficient as possible, including pursuing high-level 3rd party certifications, such as USGBC LEED or the Green Building Initiative.   

The committees will report to Department of Administration Director Lewis throughout the design phase of the Heritage Center project. Director Lewis selected the location at 6th & Roberts as the site of the New Heritage Center.  

If you would like to find out more information about the Heritage Center Project, you can click here for more information. 

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