HELENA, Mont. — American troops leaving Afghanistan is familiar to those Vietnam veterans who were pulled out of their war back in the 1970s.
One veteran from Helena recently released a book about his time serving in the Vietnam War.
Author and Vietnam Veteran John Quintrell said leaving Afghanistan and Vietnam have storming similarities.
He says in both situations there were interpreters and other refugees working for the U.S. government who got left behind when the wars ended.
While his book mainly covers the realities of what it’s like to have “boots on the ground” in Vietnam, he wants fellow veterans to know that their service was important, even though it might not seem like it.
"We know that we fulfilled a mission. We know that we did everything that we possibly could. We can't be blamed for the decisions that politicians make,” Quintrell said. 
Vietnam veterans were not welcomed home from the war, and for that reason, Quintrell said he didn’t speak about his time in the war for 35 years.
That lead to a life of alcoholism and PTSD, so now he wants to make sure other veterans don’t do the same.
If you’re interested in reading his book or know of someone who might be, click here.

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